About Tacfit Timer

TACFIT stormed the world and earned the distinction of "World's Smartest Workout." Part of the reason is the high-concept intelligence layered invisibly into the ease of use in data tracking, biofeedback, recovery methods and progressive motor simplicity. You feel better as well as move better, stronger, faster and longer.

TACFIT Timer takes the intelligence in the System and elegantly provides you with an interactive "coach" which guides your performance and recovery using visual and audible cues based upon neuro-linguistic programming.

No other exercise timer has incorporated the broad spectrum of multiple learning styles into its technology like TACFIT Timer. It will quickly become THE STANDARD for tactical fitness, where not a second can be wasted on frivolity, complication or neglected consideration.


TACFIT Timer Features

We are grateful to bring you a carefully considered feature set based on our research and your feedback of previous TACFIT Timer versions. THANK YOU for your valuable input and expect to see this list grow include more of your suggestions.

  • Ready to go TACFIT Protocol Timers
  • Visual Interface color alerts
  • Intelligent TACFIT Recovery alert sounds for TACFIT Protocols
  • Timer controls allow you to fast forward or rewind time
  • Rewind time to before your workout to get 15 seconds pre workout prep time
  • Enhanced Pause mode allows you to quickly skip through timer blocks
  • Allows music from other programs to continue playing during your exercise
  • Easy timer creation using our Quick Code Custom Timer Creator

Quick Code Custom Timer Creator

Quickly and easily create complex timers using our new Quick Code Custom Timer Creator. Here are is a quick start guide to creating your custom timers.

  • 20/10 = 20 seconds work then 10 seconds rest*
  • 20/0 = 20 seconds work*
  • 4!/1!x8 = (4 minutes work then 1 minute rest) 8 times
  • +60 adds one minute recovery


30/30+40 will result in 30 seconds work and 40 Seconds recovery because if a Rest block precedes a recovery block it is omitted. Similarly 20/10x8+60 results in the last rest block being omitted. If you wish it to remain then you need to use <20/10x8>+60

* The Work/Rest block is required when making complex timers. Hence the use of 0 if a value is to be omitted


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